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Healing Hearts School Group

Healing Hearts Group is our in school grief support program offered to all children attending schools in Lauderdale, Colbert, and Franklin counties that we serve. Healing Hearts Group meets once per month and explores emotions, experiences, and responses surrounding grief in a safe environment with children that are already familiar with each other from school. Healing Hearts group is coordinated by a Healing Place counselor and your child's school counselor. Healing Hearts meets at the discretion of the Healing Place and the school administration.



The goal of Healing Hearts group is to allow children a safe space to explore emotions and experiences surrounding grief. Healing Hearts offers participants a different experience from typical support groups due to the ease of access and the ability to meet with other children that they know and feel comfortable with. Healing Hearts participants will explore how our emotions are impacted by grief, how we connect and relate to others following a loss, how to navigate important dates, milestones, and holidays after a loss, and so much more. 


The Healing Place serves schools in Lauderdale, Franklin, and Colbert counties. Our active school groups include:

Lauderdale County: 

  • Forest Hills Elementary

  • SPAN of Lauderdale County

  • Florence Middle School

  • Florence Freshman Center

  • Florence High School

  • Harlan Elementary School

  • Weeden Elementary

  • Hibbett Middle School

  • Kilby Laboratory School

  • Brooks High School

  • Brooks Elementary School

  • Lexington Schools

  • Underwood Elementary School

  • Wilson Elementary School

  • Central Elementary School

  • Lauderdale County Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

Colbert County:

  • Highland Park Elementary School

  • Webster Elementary School

  • McBride Elementary School

  • Colbert Heights Elementary School

  • Colbert Heights High School

  • Leighton Elementary School

  • New Bethel Elementary School

  • Colbert County High School

  • Muscle Shoals Middle School

  • Muscle Shoals High School

  • Deshler Middle School

  • Deshler High School

  • Cherokee Elementary School

  • Cherokee High School

  • G.W. Trenholm Primary School

  • R.E. Thompson Intermediate School

  • Threadgill Primary School

  • L.E. Wilson Elementary School

  • Sheffield Jr and High Schools

  • JUMP Program

  • Howell Graves Preschool

Franklin County:

  • Belgreen Elementary School

  • Belgreen High School

  • Tharptown Elementary School

  • Phil Campbell High School

  • Russellville Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

  • Russellville Elementary West

Don't see a school located in one of the above counties? We would love to serve you! Please reach out to our office or to your school counselor to see if Healing Hearts could begin at your school!

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What Clients Say

Before Healing Hearts Group: "I was sad and lonely."
After Healing Hearts Group: "I felt heard and listened to."

We would love to have your child participate in Healing Hearts! Register them online by clicking on the form below. 

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